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“To the generous mind the heaviest debt is that of gratitude, when it is not in our power to repay it” – Franklin.

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The Carmelite Sisters of St. Teresa (CSST) chose to come to Byadgi to embark on their mission but what they saw shocked them. Even after decades of independence they could see all around them, the trampling of the rights of the poor and the marginalized which led them to establish ... Read More


The Center for Integral Social Action [R] has conducted many workshops. These workshops are focused mainly on overall development of Humane Society through empowerment of the poor people, children, youth, women, men & the welfare of the aged. ... Read More


  • Community Health
    Thursday, September 5th, 2013

    Attended 3 training programmes on health specially community volunteers (CVs) training on TB care and...

  • Domestic Violence and Personal Development
    Thursday, March 28th, 2013

    Domestic Violence and Personal Development Programme was Conducted on 28th March 2013 in Byadgi at...

  • Child Rights and on Child Marriage
    Friday, March 22nd, 2013

    Workshop on “Child Rights and on Child Marriage”  Conducted on 22nd March 2013, in Haveri...

  • Welcome to Center for Integral Social Action [R]

    ‘CISA’ started basically to uplift the people of Byadgi and surrounding. At the moment the center works in 65 villages of Byadgi taluk. It has started SHGs groups both for women and men youth and children clubs too. Center has done remarkable changes in lives of the poor families to get out of the clutches from the money lenders. Center also educates in the matters of hygiene and health. For the reason we have built a community multipurpose hall. This hall is used for various training programmes. Where by different walks of people are enriched and motivated which is so important in achieving our aim of making a better world. Thus God’s goodness is manifested through our social action.

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